10X Gains in 2023? Crypto Gaming Arcade Metacade Has Potential!

• Metacade’s initial presale stages have sold out within a matter of weeks and investors have poured more than $4.9m in the crypto gaming platform.
• Experts are predicting that early investors could enjoy 10X gains in 2023 due to the increasing momentum behind Metacade’s presale rounds.
• The value of MCADE is set to rise throughout the duration of the presale and launch on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), with early investors expected to HODL awaiting a huge jump in the coin’s value.

Investors Wowed by Crypto Gaming Platform, Metacade

Crypto gaming enthusiasts and forward-thinking investors have been wowed by news that Metacade’s initial presales stages have sold out within a matter of weeks, with over $4.9m being poured into the fledgling platform. This has led experts to predict that there will be potential for 10X gains for early investors in 2023.

Metacade Aims to Deliver Comprehensive Range of Online Arcade Games

The enthusiasm behind Metacade’s presale rounds has continued to pick up pace during stage 3, leading many to believe that the utility token and native currency coin MCADE will surge both short-term and long-term this year. As well as having plans to place themselves at the center of crypto gaming for years to come, Metacade also aims to deliver an extensive range of online arcade games in the metaverse – something which has further enticed bullish investors who are looking for potential gains this year.

MCADE Value Set To Rise Through Presale Rounds

Beginning at $0.008 per token in its beta phase, MCADE’s value is set to rise all throughout its nine-stage presale, culminating with a value of $0.02 when it prepares for its Initial DEX Offering (IDO). Investors are expecting an even bigger leap when it launches on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) when buyers worldwide can get their hands on MCADE tokens – something which could lead them to reap huge rewards if they hold onto their coins long enough.

GameFi Sector Predicted To Explode Over Next Five Years

The wider GameFi sector is predicted to explode over the next five years, meaning there is likely even more potential for great returns from investing in MCADE tokens now as opposed later down the line when competition may be higher or prices may already have gone up substantially. Additionally, according to their white paper, Metacade also has ambitious plans which could see significant long-term returns realised by those who invest now before it goes public – potentially realizing 10X gains this year alone!

Start Investing Now For Maximum Return Potential

With so much potential increase in value over such a short space of time possible through investing in MCADE tokens during its pre-sale period and then holding onto them until they launch on DEXs shortly afterwards, now would be an ideal time for ambitious innovators and forward thinking crypto gamers alike begin investing so they can potentially benefit from maximum return potential!

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