Electrum: stolen 1400 Bitcoin (BTC)

A few days ago a user commented on the page of the Electrum wallet, sadly famous for having been hit some time ago by some criminals, saying he lost all the Bitcoins (BTC) he owned: as many as 1400 BTC that currently amount to about 16 million dollars.

The story was publicly told by the victim, who explained that he found a wallet he had not used since 2017 on which he installed an old version of the Electrum wallet.

So, as soon as the message to update the wallet came out, the user thought well to follow the link, but he installed a malicious version of the wallet that automatically transferred funds to criminals.

The community immediately responded to the boy with messages of consolation for the victim, who chose the nickname „1400 Bitcoin Stolen“, but also gave a glimmer of hope to the poor user who thus discovered that he could still recover both Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV), since the forks had occurred after 2017.

And in fact the victim, thanks to the advice of the Bitcoin Billionaire community, could at least recover more than 500 thousand dollars between BCH and BSV, so at least he was able to recover part of the profits.

Bitcoin and crime: attention first of all


Unfortunately in these cases there is little to do, and the user in this case was partially lucky, but it could have been even worse.

Like Aesop’s fairy tale, the bitter moral of this story is that you should always be careful to use official and always up-to-date products and ask the community in advance what to use, before doing any operation.

Another advice is to divide your BTCs into several addresses and not to keep them all at the same address in order to avoid losing everything in one go.

Unfortunately, there are many crimes and bugs in this area, so only by paying attention to all the details you can avoid losing important amounts of money.